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Nickname Message Date
Siver download the game under media create a account ingame and play 2018-12-14
Tigthetigershark Hello how d i play? 2018-12-12
Tigthetigershark Ok great i’m here but how do i play? 2018-12-12
Siver can u write me in discord than i can take a look. Siver #7237 2018-11-30
Siver but all in all other u will find content, we work on big projec in moment 2018-11-30
Siver story is empty 2018-11-30
bugzdood like guides displayed on the gome page work fine, but the tab its self is empty 2018-11-29
bugzdood Is it me or is the guides section of the site completely empty? 2018-11-29
Siver which icon u mean? 2018-11-29
PhanthomAvatar guys , how can i add my icon?¿ 2018-11-28
PhanthomAvatar gusy , how can i add my icon?¿ 2018-11-28
Siver heyhey PhanthomAvatar 2018-11-28
PhanthomAvatar Yo 2018-11-27
Siver meow 2018-11-24
DasFantatier (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ 2018-11-23
DasFantatier miau 2018-11-23
itzprison uwu 2018-11-22
Psytap UwU 2018-11-21
Siver O.o 2018-11-14
Dawn o__o 2018-11-12